Vegan Cats Shipping Policy
1. Most orders are shipped within 1-2 business days from the time they are received (this excludes weekends and holidays.) If an order will be delayed by more than 3 working days we will notify you via phone or email of any delays in shipping.

2.We use UPS Ground Service for all orders. We do not recommend shipping via Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air unless absolutely necessary (the costs for heavy food orders are EXTREMELY expensive to mail!). For the sake of your animals, please try to order in advance so that you do not order with only a day or two worth of food left, as you will have to pay a LOT to have a food order rushed to you quickly. Any rush orders that we can send will be based on product stock and the time of day that you contact us regarding expedited shipping, and actual shipping rates will be applied to the order. Please call in your order if you require faster shipping that UPS Ground so that we may give you an estimate on cost and let you know if it will be able to go out the same day.

For orders inside the USA, you may request USPS Priority Mail shipping instead of UPS, but please be advised that the actual cost of shipping will then apply rather than our flat rate, as our flat-rate service only applies to UPS Ground shipping and does not cover postal shipping or expedited delivery.

When your order has shipped, you will receive an emailed confirmation from UPS that includes a tracking number and scheduled delivery date.

Orders inside the continental USA are automatically shipped via UPS Ground unless otherwise requested. Average delivery time is 1-5 days inside the USA, depending on how close you are located to Wisconsin.

3. We can ship via US Postal Service by special request, but our standard shipping rates do not apply. We will charge you the exact cost of shipping via Priority Mail. If you request for an order to be sent via USPS instead of UPS, please note that we cannot be held responsible if the package is lost or damaged before it reaches you. All orders to PO Box addresses or shipments requested to be sent by USPS Mail are done so at your risk, so please use UPS shipping whenever possible.

4. All orders outside the continental USA are mailed via USPS Air Mail. As noted in our FAQ section (see upper right), shipping charges will be determined by final order weight and applied once the order is ready to ship. Customer assumes all shipping costs for order (exact ship cost plus US $1.00 for international credit card processing fees) and this will be shown when your order ship confirmation is sent out. All orders will have shipping added to them with no exceptions. Average delivery time is between 6-9 business days.

5. For APO and Alaska/Hawaii orders, we ship via USPS Air Mail. Shipping charges are based on the actual weight of the order- we charge what the Post Office charges us. When you complete your order, you will see a ship total of $0.00 - this does not mean that the shipping charges are free, but that we will determine the actual costs and apply them to your order once it is packed and weighed. If you need to know your ship costs before the order is sent, please note this in the messages/comments area of the order form. Otherwise, all orders will be shipped as they are received without notification for approval.

6. Orders being sent outside the USA may be subject to import duties - this is determined by your country's postal service. Orders refused due to customs charges will be credited for the product costs, but not the original shipping fees. Several countries have restrictions on importing specific vitamins and supplements - we cannot know the details for all countries, so we ask that you check with the proper sources at your customs/imports office before placing an order. We cannot be held responsible for shipments that are rejected and returned to us.

7. If you wish to cancel your order, please do so immediately. If you cancel after your order has shipped, you are responsible for the original shipping charges. If we must call UPS to have them stop the order, there is a $10 service charge that UPS will bill to us, which we will unfortunately have to charge to your account. The other option is, if you have authorization to cancel after the order is placed, you may refuse delivery on the order, in which case there is no additional charge. However, if the package tracking does not show an immediate refusal, or, if the package appears to have been opened before it was refused, we cannot accept the shipment back and will in turn return it to you at your expense. So, please be sure that you would like to keep your order once it is placed, unless you are able to cancel within 24 hours so that we are able to stop it before it goes out.

International orders that are shipped before cancellation will not be refunded until the order is returned to us with all items intact, and original ship costs will not be refunded on orders sent outside the USA as well.

8. We STRONGLY recommend viewing your confirmation email that is sent once you place your order, so that you may verify your shipping address and item selection details. If you do not supply the correct address at the time of ordering and we ship the order before you have contacted us with a correction, there will be a US $10 charge to have the order re-routed to your correct address (this is what UPS charges us to have a package delivery address changed, and we cannot absorb that cost.) If you are shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or any country other than the USA, we unfortunately have no way to stop the order once it has been sent, and we are at the mercy of the postal service to eventually get the shipment routed back to us. This can take a few weeks (packages inside the USA) or months (packages sent outside the USA), and the time for it to be returned is something we cannot control [providing that it is not lost in the process of being returned or left at the address you supplied and taken in by the new tenants]. This is why we urge you to verify your address in the confirmation email - if you have a package sent to an address that you did not intend, we are not responsible for costs to have it re-routed (when possible), and for orders outside the continental USA, we cannot replace or refund you for this order until the items are returned to us. If it is returned to us, we can either refund you for any items that we are able to restock and re-sell, or, if you would like to pay the shipping cost again we can re-send the order to you at the correct address. If you have an order sent to an old or incorrect address due to not verifying your address at checkout, if the order is lost or claimed by another party at that location we are not able to replace it for you. So, PLEASE verify your shipping address at the time of checkout and in your confirmation email sent once your order has been placed!